Dear mom who insisted on helping me at the hospital today,
When I came out from the lab where my 2-year old got his blood drawn, you saw a mom with her hands full. You saw a mom holding a screaming 2-year old in one arm and lugging carseat with a 9-month old in her other elbow. You saw as she tried to calm her 5-year old who also wanted to be held by mommy. You saw her struggle to open the¬†door as she tried to escape all the staring eyes as quickly as possible. You saw complete chaos… it was impossible to miss.
But what you didn’t see was the back story…. You didn’t know that that screaming 2-year old has a rare blood disorder and has to go to the hospital each week to get his blood checked, which is always stressful for mommy. You didn’t know that that mom was already feeling a bit down because she had just left a preschool orientation where the baby fussed the whole time and she received so many looks that could kill. What you didn’t know is that her husband has been working out of town and she has had to juggle everything solo. Although she had a smile on her face, declined your offer and pretended she had it under control, you didn’t know that she actually was feeling completely out of control.
You must’ve known deep down though, because you would’t take no for an answer. You kindly grabbed the carseat so I could hold my 5-year old’s hand. You kindly opened the doors and walked us all the way to our van and waited while I tried to calm my kids. You reassured me that it gets easier even though it’s so hard right now.
Although I know this was a simple service to you, or as you said “no problem whatsoever”, to me it was big. Did you know that this same scenario basically plays out each week, yet you were the first person to insist on helping?
Thanks for being a tender mercy to me and for stepping in to lighten my load when others just stared.Thank you for treating me like a human and not just an annoyance. Thanks for knowing that we all are fighting a hard battle and for setting the example that we all need to help each other more and judge each other less; you just never know what another person is truly going through.
Dear sweet mom, thank you….the world would be a much better place with more people like you in it.heart emoticon

Love, Me

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