It’s been hot so the boys and I have been having lots of smoothies as our afternoon snacks. Usually they go outside and come back in the house bright red and sweaty and they want something cold, but of course mommy wants something healthy. Green smoothies are the perfect solution to please us all 🙂
BUT you have to be careful when it comes to smoothies. A lot of times you’ll see recipes that are full of high-sugar fruit, flavored yogurt and fruit juice, which adds up being a lot of sugar! They can be crazy high in calories too if you aren’t careful.

SO follow these simple steps to create a smoothie that is PACKED full of veggies, that is well-balanced with the addition of healthy fats and protein AND that tastes great too!  There is an ingredient I add that will make you raise your eyebrows, but trust me on this one!!



green smoothie

Check out the how-to video here!



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