Let me preface this post by saying that I <3 Cardio. I am the cardio queen. I want cardio all day, evrrrr day. Which is exactly why I decided to try out Body Beast! Body Beast it a heavy lifting program and is totally different than anything I’ve ever done. I really struggle to lose weight since I have PCOS so I wanted to see if my body would react differently to lifting heavy.

What is it?!
Body Beast is a 90-day program that is broken into 3 different phases. There are 12 different workouts that you alternate between for all 3 phases. You workout 6 days a week and have 1 day of rest.


My thoughts on the program… 


  • I am used to 30-minute workouts and with 3 little kiddos, that is the best thing for my schedule. The Body Beast workouts were all about 40-50 minutes, which was a bit tricky to fit in some days.
  • You need a lot of equipment. I had to buy all new weights (I got the interchangeable ones that go from 10-50 pounds). It was awesome that I had to get new weights since I was lifting heavier, but it did require I purchase more equipment to really get the most out of the program.
  • I didn’t love the trainer Sagi. He wasn’t terrible, but he just wasn’t totally my cup of tea…. I’m obviously not his target audience though. It wasn’t a big deal… I usually muted him out and played my own stuff during the workouts.
  • I missed Cardio! You only do cardio 1 day a week. I tried to squeeze some more in there, but it was hard since the workouts are already so long.
  • The workouts are awesome! You do one body group each day (Chest, Legs, Back, Arms, Shoulders, Abs, etc.), which was new for me. I prefer more of the full-body workouts rather than isolating one group each day, but I really didn’t mind it.
  • 90 days was a bit long for me. I like to switch my workouts up, so I was done by day 60 of doing the same workouts and really had to force myself to do them that last month.
  • The program came with some super yummy recipes. I didn’t totally follow the meal plan, but I did really like all the recipes I tried.
  • I didn’t take the supplements (besides Shakeology), since I was nursing.
  • I increased what I was lifting from 5-15 pounds! Boom! I definitely got stronger!
  •  I couldn’t believe how winded and sweaty I would get just from lifting! It really is a great workout!
  • Lifting heavy is so EMPOWERING! I felt so strong afterwards and like I could take on the world. It’s a good feeling!
  • It wasn’t near as scary and intimidating as I thought it would be!
  • I did get stronger for sure, but didn’t lose the weight/inches that I was hoping for. I know this is because I was nursing though and because of my PCOS.


Overall, I did like the program, but it wasn’t my favorite Beachbody program. I would most definitely recommend it to others though because I know a lot of women who absolutely love it.. everyone is different!  I for sure am going to incorporate the workouts into my routines in the future though and it did help me come to enjoy lifting heavy!


These are my results. Not much of a difference on the outside, but there were changes on the inside. I felt so strong and proud of doing something that I really didn’t want to do or think I COULD do!

beast collage


If you want to try the program for yourself, click here

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