What I love about this recipe: 1. It takes less than 4 minutes to make, start to finish. 2. Squash is cheap 3. You can eat it as a side to basically any dish 4. Only requires 4 simple ingredients 5. It is delicious AND 6. Even my husband loves it!


  • Yellow summer squash (stick with the smaller ones… bigger ones are often mealy and very seedy)
  • Olive oil
  • Salt
  • Shredded parmesean cheese


  1. Slice squash in coins
  2. Heat olive oil in bottom of pan (enough to lightly cover the bottom).
  3. When hot, add in your squash.
  4. Cook on medium-high heat until tender (I like mine browned and a bit crispy).
  5. Remove from heat and add salt and parmesan cheese. Stir so the cheese melts and coats all the squash.


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