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As a teenager I was diagnosed with polycystic oarian syndrome (PCOS). I was told there was no cure and that I’d always struggle with the awful symptoms… that was a completely horrible thing to hear as a teenager and I was certain that my life was OVER. (I totally wasn’t a dramatic teenager at all 🙂 ) Thankfully, the doctor briefly mentioned that diet and exercise could help ease the symptoms a bit.

Well, I latched onto that and diet and exercise became a massive part of my life. For the next 10 years, I exercised nearly daily, I aimed to learn all I could about nutrition and fitness and I legit tried just about every diet and eating style out there. Sadly I wasn’t always smart or healthy about it and did some pretty crazy fad diets, but the more I learned about nutrition and implemented those things, the more positive changes I saw in my PCOS and life.

By 2016 I had finally gotten to a really good place and had made HUGE, healthy changes… I had nearly eliminated all processed foods, cut out almost all refined sugar, and really focused on eating real, whole foods. I exercised daily following the very best fitness programs. I was doing everything “right” and I had great energy, had learned how to maintain a healthy weight, cleared most of my acne and truly felt good!

YET I knew in my gut that something still wasn’t right. Despite living a very healthy lifestyle, I still had issues that I knew shouldn’t be happening… psoriasis, irregular periods, joint pain, weight-loss resistance and digestive issues were all struggles I was still dealing with. I took these things as signs that my body was trying to tell me something was OFF. So even though I felt like I was doing everything “right”, my body was still giving me signs that it actually was NOT right. I felt GOOD, but knew I could feel BETTER.

In the early spring of 2017 after doing everything I felt was in my power, I decided to finally listen to my gut and I sought out the help of a professional in holistic health. Working with her brought to my attention that I had vitamin deficiencies and leaky gut syndrome. This meant that my body wasn’t absorbing the nutrients from all the healthy food I was eating, which was also throwing off my hormones (which effect everything!)… EEK!! All my unpleasant symptoms were linked back to the food I was eating. Even though I WAS indeed eating healthy, I wasn’t eating the best way for MY unique body. I was shocked and overwhelmed, but so grateful to finally get some answers to the root cause of all my frustrating issues.

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So that began my journey to real healing. With the help of this professional, I began working on healing my gut, balancing my hormones and working on my INSIDE health more. As a result, I began to see incredible changes! After 25+ years of struggling, my psoriasis went away completely! For the first time EVER in my whole life, I had 15 periods in 15 months (then got pregnant in July 2018 naturally without having to do infertility treatment like I had to do for 3 of my prior pregnancies… this was HUGE!!). All my joint pain also disappeared 100%! On top of that, I got down to my lowest weight since middle school and said goodbye to my uncomfortable digestive issues. I’m still in SHOCK that these results were achieved completely naturally!

At the time of all of this, I was working as a fitness professional (teaching classes in a gym and coaching others online). When others would come to me for help, I began to feel so limited in what I could offer them. I knew that in order to find true HEALTH, inside and out, it was so much more than exercise or following a meal plan. I knew that most of these people needed much deeper help and I hated that I couldn’t offer them that. So that lead me to attend the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and become a certified Holistic Health Coach!

Working with a Holistic Health professional changed everything for me… I no longer am in pain. I no longer am uncomfortable and embarrassed. I no longer worry about long-term symptoms. I no longer pay for expensive creams and pills. I finally found the root cause of my issues. I finally found answers and healing! I finally feel in control of my health! And that is why I am so passionate about figuring out the root cause of our issues, our food sensitivities, healing our guts and what foods actually are best for our unique bodies. I’m SOOO grateful for that integrative medicine professional who guided me through all of this and am so excited to be able do the same for others!!

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