I had a very clogged kitchen recently … Again 😝
So I finally called a plumber. He fixed it, but first made me sit down so he could give me what he called “Garbage Disposal 101”. I figured I already knew everything, but I listened anyways. And lo and behold! I was doing some things wrong!! So I’m sharing just in case you are too 😉


DO NOT put down the sink:

  • fresh vegetables of any type.
  • vegetable skins like potatoes or carrots (can wrap around the blades)
  • egg shells (someone once told me that the shells help to sharpen the blades so I’ve been doing this for years! They don’t. Big no no!)
  • Citrus peels (once again, I was told that putting the skins down the drain is good because it keeps it smelling fresh. Whoops!)


  • put cooked/baked food down
  • always scrape your plate into the garbage before putting it into the sink
  • use some sort of pipe liquid every month to keep your pipes clear

Are you guilty of any of these?!

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