I am relatively new to coconut butter, but I have been slightly obsessed with it since discovering it. It makes everything delicious! AND the fact it’s healthy is the icing on the cake 😉
What is coconut butter?!
Just like peanut butter is made from peanuts, coconut butter is made from coconut meat. The common name is coconut butter, but it can also be called coconut manna, coconut meat puree, coconut cream concentrate, or whole coconut flesh puree.


Coconut is considered a “Super Food” because of all the nutrients packed into it and all the good things it does for your body. Coconut butter tastes like you’re eating something naughty, but just look at how GOOD it really is for you! Food like this just makes me happy all around 🙂
health benefits



You can purchase coconut butter at health food stores or online, but it’s much cheaper to make your own.
Homemade has the same ingredients and pretty much the same taste, but the texture is what is the most different. Homemade coconut butter isn’t near as smooth as store-bought, as you can kinda see in the picture. It seems that no matter what I do, I cannot get the texture the same as the store-bought stuff. BUT for how much $$ I save, I think it’s worth it to to with the homemade version!
homemade vs store

SO easy to make too! It takes just a few minutes and you have the heavenly, creamy, healthy butter! MMMMM! You can find a quick YouTube tutorial here!


The ways to eat Coconut are endless… you can do sweet or savory, use it in recipes or eat it on it’s own. Here are a few of my personal favorite ways!
1. by the spoonful. It’s simple perfection is satisfying on it’s own!
2. Stuffed inside a date. My favorite are the big Mejool dates.
3. On top of warm banana bread. Spread it on thick and it slightly melts and becomes like a frosting. Insane. Use my all-time favorite banana bread recipe here
4. On top of fresh fruit. Melt it slightly and drizzle on berries, apples, bananas, mango or whatever else your little heart desires!
5. Yogurt-Covered Craisins. Find the recipe here
6. On top of a warm, baked sweet potato.
7. Paired with dark chocolate. It’s a killer, heavenly combo.
8. Strawberry truffles. SO GOOD! Find the recipe here
delicous ways to eat CB

Coconut butter is such a FUN food to experiment with! Try it in the ideas I listed, as well as in your oatmeal, smoothies and curries…. you can’t go wrong!

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