Besides fresh herbs and citrus, these are some of my favorite products that add a lot of flavor to food without adding a lot of calories. #boom

  • Cinnamon- besides tasting yummy, it’s a metabolism booster! I love sprinkling this on top of oatmeal, yogurt, cottage cheese, sweet potatoes or even on top of raw celery stick!
  • Apple cider vinegar- makes flavorful salad dressings or marinades (and has tons of health benefits) 
  • Coconut aminos- use anywhere you would use soy sauce, like fried rice, stirfries, salad dressings 
  • Hot sauce- I use this all the time as a seasoning for my ground meat for tacos or burritos or on top of eggs- fast and easy! 
  • Balsamic vinegar- I love this for salad dressings, but also it’s delicious when you toss your veggies in it then roast them (especially brussels sprouts). Also good on chicken or as a marinade for steak 
  • Liquid stevia- this stuff is strong so you only need a little squirt. I use to sweeten smoothies, plain Greek yogurt, oatmeal or hot/cold drinks.

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