Eek! I am so excited to announce my newest Test Group! It is going to be unlike anything I have ever done… in a good way 🙂
We will be testing out Beachbody’s newest program, 22-Minute Hard Corps. 22 Minute Hard Corps is a 8-week, quick, no-nonsense, boot camp-style workout program. You just show up…keep up…and you will get in great shape. The training is basic, but the results are absolutely epic.



Click HERE to watch a sneak peek of the program

The focus for this Test Group, which begins March 21, 2016, will be FITNESS + NUTRITION + SUPPORT + REWARDS… which will = RESULTS!!!

Tony Horton focuses on simple boot camp style workouts that are set to a cadence. For 20 minutes, your job is to try and complete every rep. The moves are simple, but effective. You will be shocked what will happen to your body in just 22 minutes a day.


If you want to get cut, you can’t cut corners. Eating the right foods in the right portions is KEY if you want to see the muscle and definition you’ve built.

Using these 7 color-coded containers, I’ll show you how to create filling and energizing meals that will get you through these tough workouts and help you get your best results possible.

Shakeology also plays a key role in helping you fuel your body with the very best nutrition available.


You will be part of a small, private Facebook group. Each day I will post training, tips, recipes, motivation, etc. and each day you will check in and report on your day. We all cheer each other on, support each other and help each other to not give up. This is SUCH an important part of the equation that often gets forgotten.

Lastly, this Test Group will have TONS of prizes/rewards! Just by joining, you will receive a FREE gift from me! (a $20 value). Along with that, each week I will be offering prizes… everything from fitness apparel, fitness programs and equipment, my favorite healthy eats, etc. It is going to be a party! AND along with that, the “winner”of the group will receive a $100 VISA Card.

AaaaanND if that isn’t enough, once you complete the program and enter your results, you will
1. earn a free challenge coin and
2. be eligible to win up to $100,000; Beachbody will be giving away $500/day to people who enter their 22 Minute Hard Corps results, as well as $1000/month, $5000/quarter and a $100,000 Grand Prize to the most inspirational 22minHC transformations! Anyone can win…I know! So exciting!!




Since this is a brand new program I am looking for 5-8 people to be in an EXCLUSIVE Test Group beginning March 21, 2016.

To be in the 30-day test group, you must commit to:

  • Follow the 8-week fitness program
  • Drink Shakeology daily OR use the Beachbody performance line
  • Follow the nutrition guide
  • Check into our private Facebook group daily
  • Write a short testimonial of program after the 8 weeks
  • Submit your before/after pictures

What you’ll get:

  • Your first 30-day supply of Shakeology—the superfood protein shake that helps give you energy, reduce cravings, feel amazing and accelerate your fitness results OR
  • Beachbody Performance Energize Pre–Workout supplement with key ingredients to help boost your energy, sharpen your focus, push harder, and last longer + Beachbody Performance Recover Post-Workout supplement, with key ingredients shown to help combat exercise–induced muscle soreness and speed muscle recovery to help you accelerate your fitness results
  • The 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS program, featuring 8 workouts on 2 DVDs
  • Tony’s 8 Week Basic Training Action Plan
  • Rations for Results Nutrition Field Guide
  • A variable-resistance Beachbody® PT Sandbag,
  • Hell Week Challenge Card to send your Hard Corps results over the top.
  • A FREE 30-Day Trial Membership in the Team Beachbody Club, so you can start streaming 22 MINUTE HARD CORPS workouts, and more than $4,000 in other proven Beachbody workouts
  • 24/7 online support
  • 1:1 Coach support from ME!
  • Team Support in a small, private online group
  • Chance to earn $100 Visa Gift Card
  • Chance to earn up to $100,000 in cash
  • Free Challenge Coin upon completion
  • Free gift from me when you order from my site
  • PRIZES!!! Lots and lots of weekly prizes to keep you motivated 😉
  • Fun!
  • And of course, a lean, hard body, great health and feeing amazing!!!

The Challenge Pack price for all the above and a 2 full months of coaching, accountability, results and FUN is going to be $140! ($85 savings- on promotion for March ONLY!)

In order to APPLY, Please fill out this form.

Oh and I forgot to mention… this is totally 100% GUARANTEED to work!! If it doesn’t, send it back for a FULL refund! NICE!! You don’t get that promise at a gym 🙂


I cannot WAIT to see the results you get from this amazing program!!

Note: this Test Group is only for those who do not have another Beachbody coach. Thanks!

Don’t forget to apply by filling out this form.

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