I distinctly remember buying each pair of these pants.
One is a size 11. I about DIED when I had to get them off the shelf. It was my first time buying 11’s. I felt so defeated, angry and sad that I had to buy that size. I almost did’t buy them at all because I refused to accept that I was a size 11 and I was horrified thinking that someone might see that number.

The other is a size 5 and DANG! I felt awesome buying that pair! I wanted to make sure the size tag was showing so people could see that I was buying a size 5. I felt on top of the world, confident and well… flat-out awesome!

The funny thing is that if you look at this picture, you will see that they are basically the EXACT same size! Yet, that darn little number sewn onto the tag made me feel SO different about each pair and about myself.

One number made me feel SO bad about myself and one made me feel good about myself. I let that number get to me and determine my self-worth… when they were the same all along! How dumb!

I want to tell you something right now and I want you to believe me… you are SO much more than a number. A number does not determine your worth. Wearing a bigger size than you ideally want does not make you fat or un-fit or bad or worthless or anything else like that. I truly doesn’t.

Whoever said that 5 is “good” and 11 is “bad” is dead WRONG and that’s that. What is good is confidence. What is good is being HEALTHY. … and numbers can’t measure those things. So don’t get caught up on the numbers. 

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