Dinner Recipes

Crockpot Spaghetti Sauce

I got this recipe from my mother-in-law and I love how easy, cheap and tasty it is. Totally a must-have freezer item because it is super versatile; use it for spaghetti (duh!), lasagna, meat ball sandwiches, stuffed peppers, or even pizza.

Boss Sauce

This flavorful, cheesy sauce is so versatile and tasty, yet totally healthy.

Pesto Salmon

I ❤ this meal!
It’s super delicious (Hubby AND kid approved!), super healthy, super easy to make and requires basically no cleanup whatsoever … I mean, how can you beat that?! 😍

Healthy Fire-y Fish Tacos

These tacos are fresh, flavorful and fire-y! They are easy to throw together and a crowd pleaser!

Black Bean Butternut Squash Burrito

I have been making these burritos for years and they are DELICIOUS! Bursting with veggies and flavor and they make great leftovers too. Oh and side note, all 3 of my kids devour them 😉

Lentil Vegetable Curry

This dish has that delicious curry flavor, mixed with a few other interesting flavors, and is loaded full of veggies. Quick, easy and meat-less too!

Healthy Mediterranean Chicken

If I went to a Mediterranean restaurant, I would totally order this dish. Over and over again. It is bursting full of flavor, yet is still light and healthy… a WINNER, for sure!

Spicy Lemon Pasta

This is a great dish, even the non-pasta lovers will rave over it! The lemon flavor with the hint of spice and the artichoke hearts just work together so well together!

Quick Lemon Basil Salmon & Veggies

Healthy and delicious doesn’t have to be time-consuming! If you have 10 minutes you can make this meal; it literally took me 10 minutes. And even the non-fish-loving hubby commented that it was “really good”

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